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Computation of your Affiliate Income

There is some information to help you compute your potential income.

First, the affiliate program that we offer uses a matrix of 10 people per level and a maximum of 5 levels. This means, you may have up to this number of affiliates under you:

[math]Affiliates_{max} = \sum_{i=1}^5 10^i = 111,110[/math]

Although it is unlikely that you will fill your tree 100%, you can see that the limit is really high: 111,110 people! However, remember that since there is a maximum number of people on each level (i.e. 10) that some before you may actually help you fill up your own tree!

Now, we can compute the minimum income with a full tree. Assuming that all the people you found only get Snap! Blogger Lite, then they will be paying the minimum which is $51

[math]Income_{min} = Affiliates_{max} \times $5/mo. \times 10\text{%} = $55,555/mo.[/math]

Could you live on $55k a month? Even if you had [math]1 \over 10^{th}[/math] of the affiliates, you would still be making $5,000 a month of residual income...

Now, with an average hosting fee of $20/mo., the maximum income grows to $222,220/mo. Again with just [math] 1 \over 10^{th}[/math] of the affiliates, your earnings will be about $22,000 a month.

  • 1. Note that we foresee the average payments to be much closer to $20/mo. than $5/mo. but we wanted to present to you the worst case scenario!