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Dynamic Content

Some HTML content can be generated dynamically using a language such as JavaScript1. You need not have a concern about the JavaScript or content itself (as long as it was not written by a hacker,) however, there is a problem with such content...

Generated content and search engines are not friends. Most Search Engines—if not all but Google—do not run your JavaScript code to find out what the users end up seeing. It can be a complex task to run your JavaScript code. It is also time consuming. Plus the execution needs to match existing browsers such as FireFox and Internet Explorer as closely as possible. A daunting task.

Therefore you should make sure that most of your important content is not generated using JavaScript or a similar language.

Snap! Websites has features that use AJAX:

  • DHTML menu that reads the sub-menu entries as you click on the parent
  • MO Multi-text that is used to displays multiple pages in a box (see example below)

The example below comes from our front page, it uses an AJAX script to show you the different features that the website system supports. The button in the middle is a link to a page displaying all the features and thus the search engines can still find all the content even if they cannot execute the JavaScript code.

Infinite RSS feeds

Snap! Websites are set up to handle RSS feeds based on different parameters. You always get one RSS for your entire website and one specific to your blog. You can also get one RSS specific to each category tag!

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  • 1. JavaScript is becoming the most common language used in websites. There is also ASP from Microsoft and Flash ActionScripts from Adobe.