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Clutter negative effect

Avoid the clutter

When you attempt to put everything at one on your front page, it quickly gets cluttered and it is likely to go at length.

One of the most successful page is Google Search. They have one box to enter your search, two buttons, and a minimal menu at the top.

So, whenever possible, eliminate the clutter. Put on your page only what's absolutely required. For instance, if you want people to connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, ecademy, and this, and that, think about putting a nice attractive bluish button Connect With Me, instead of putting all those links on all your pages.

If you have a MySpace account, you may have noticed how difficult it is to navigate. It's incredible that they even still have users! On the other hand, Facebook has been working and is still working on simplifying your screen so it is easier to navigate.

The easier your website is, the more likely your readers will come back to visit.

Why talking about it?

If you are here, you probably have been reading previous chapters of the Snap! SEO e-Book. If you look at The Basics and then The Advance Topics, then you will probably notice that there are many, many, many things that you can do to your website.

Actually, if you apply all of them, then you're going to have a deadly cluttered website because there are just way too many. You'll have to choose those that you deem most important to your readers. All work just fine so you don't have to duplicate everything too many times. (i.e. repeating your keyword too many times may be viewed as keyword stuffing.)

Snap! Websites Solution

In most cases, the extraneous keywords will be shown in Blocks. Snap! Blocks offer a way for you to specify on which page the blocks will appear.

So, for instance, you could:

  1. Show the Most Recent Posts block on your blog pages, but not your front page because those are already shown there anyway!
  2. The Most Popular Posts could be hidden from the front page.
  3. Your Twitter Add Me link could be hidden from your archives and tags pages.

Each block could specifically appear only on a few set of pages to make it much more diverse. The Snap! Websites often shows the Facebook box where you can like our Snap! Websites page on Facebook. However, most of the other blocks are not shown on so many pages. This way we avoid the clutter.

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