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Website Keyword Density or Tag Cloud

Snap! Websites and other website systems have a feature often called: Tag Cloud.

Each post that you write will be assigned a set of tags. In most cases, those tags should be your keywords. The idea is to create a cloud with the most prominent tags (i.e. tags with the highest density.) The cloud is simply a list displaying your tags using a font size directly proportional to their density.

Some cloud software generate a Flash animation, which is visually even more appealing than the regular cloud, but prevents the SEO effect of having a cloud in the first place.

When setting up your cloud, you should limit the number of tags being displayed to a rather small number such as 10 or 15. Much more and it will be seen as spam. Older sites maybe somewhat immune to that problem, but newer sites should be careful.

Note: This feature is not as much in trend as it has been. Use it only on pages where you don't have anything to put in that empty location. (see Clutter negative effect for a good reason not to use the Tag Cloud.)