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A common feature available on blogs and online newsletters is the display of the most recent posts you've made. This is a powerful incentive for your new readers to go check out older posts and learn more about you and your work. Snap! Websites offers you a way to show a list of Recent Posts based on the type of page you created. So if you have a blog, a news letter and some stories, each can have its own Recent Posts list.

In regard to SEO, this is powerful since it adds your keywords on each one of your pages. Why? Because you were smart from the start and you put your keywords in your Page Title!

The beauty of the Recent Posts is also that it does all of this in a natural way since the links are viewed as useful internal links.

Personal notes: I suggest that you add the Recent Posts block only after you wrote about 10 posts. Because it is a bit sad to see just one entry in such a list.

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