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Popular posts are those that naturally get more hits from your readers. For instance, when you get 1,000 people reading a given post and only 500 reading another, the post with 1,000 readers is probably a subject you want to repeat twice more than the other post! Note that your Snap! Website has a report listing your top pages. This way you can quickly determine what is worth talking about.

For instance, a post about Facebook or Twitter may interest your readers more than a post about ecademy. All three are considered Social Media, but the first two are more prominent at this time and thus more likely to be picked up by your readers. This doesn't mean ecademy isn't a good Social Media website, far from it. Each website serves its purpose.

So showing the most popular posts will entitle them to be read even more, which in a way may not be so good since that will eventually hide the other important posts. However, that means your readers are selecting what is important (in trend) and thus shows the search engines why your website is important!

In regard to SEO, this is powerful since it adds your keywords on each one of your pages. Why? Because you were smart from the start and you put your keywords in your Page Title! At least, you can hope that the users will select the pages that include your keywords... not just the few that don't!

The beauty of the Popular Posts is also that it does all of this in a natural way since the links are viewed as useful internal links.

Personal notes: I suggest that you add the Popular Posts block only after you wrote enough posts to have it filled. For instance, on my Snap! Journal, I show the 3 most popular posts so I could have shown it once I had 3 posts.

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