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Description META tag

Each page on the Internet is composed of a header. The header is mandatory because the Page Title is mandatory, although it happens that some people do not include it...

Now, the description META tag is optional in your pages. Most tools do not require it and some tools make it really difficult to enter the description. Most desktop applications require you to go to a menu to edit those parameters which means you are likely to skip that very important step.

For most pages, it is a big mistake to skip entering your page description because that description is quite often what is shown to the users when they search for your page. In Google, you've seen that results are shown with a link at the top and a couple of lines about the page. Those two lines may be part of the page content or it may be your description. This means your description should incorporate most of the important information in the first 130 characters or so.

Google Search Result Example
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With your Snap! Websites there is a field set that presents several META tags including the description META tag. When open, it may look similar to the follow screenshot:

Snap! SEO -- META tags field set

Notice the keywords and abstract fields? Those two entries are much less important, but can contribute to you being found for keywords showing up on many pages.

Note that some pages do not require a description. For instance, your legal page does not need to be optimized for search engines and as such does not need to include a description. Plus, if you mark a page as NOINDEX, then the description is definitively not necessary. On the other hand, if you create a page with just an image, the only thing the search engines will find is the description META tag... (the ALT and TITLE attributes too, but they are most likely going to present the description of the page in that case.) Any page that you are not going to broadcast does not require a description.

Snap! SEO sends the description to Facebook
The description also appears on websites such as Facebook

Like your title and the rest of all your pages, you should include your keywords in the description since they count there too.

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