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To personalize your blog or even your website, write your biography somewhere.

Snap! Website lets you decided where to write your biography. As for the content, you are most welcome to write it the way you want. Because many people don't have much time, a few short paragraph should be all you write. If you want to write more than that, try to separate the remainder from those short paragraph so users who don't feel like reading a couple pages long bio can read the strict minimum and know enough about you.

People show their bio in many different places, there are a few suggestions:

  • Before your posts, suggested only for technical posts where the user is interested to know that he's reading something from an expert rather than fluff.
  • After your posts, many people use that location, remember that's also where you want your comments so it may not always be a good place.
  • On the side, in that case put it on the right side since people first read the right side... they will see your info.
  • On a separate page, if you have a long biography, then it is important to write it on a separate page... you do not want your full long bio to appear on all pages! Then you can put a small block on all pages with an excerpt and a link to send people to your page.
  • With your other account information, this is done in many places like forums or multi-people blogs, it is a good location for multi-people blogs since you will find people and go to their accounts and then find their biography.

All of those locations are available with Snap!

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