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Adding HTML on your Facebook Page (all tags supported.)

To add any kind of HTML code, including JavaScript, IFRAME and OBJECT/EMBED tags, you need to use a 3rd party application.

Although the application allows you to add anything you want, remember that there are a certain number of things that are not allowed. For example, you cannot include a video that automatically starts (you can embed a video but the user has to click on Play if he/she wants to listen.

The authors of the Static HTML allow you to create up to 12 boxes. That should be a lot more than you need. It also supports FBML code (widgets from other pages, embed data, etc.)

To enter the HTML data in the Static HTML boxes, first click on one of the links presented here and install the application on one of your pages (you can re-use the same link for different pages, you can use only one link only once on a page.)

Once installed, you end up on your page and you see a little star with the word Welcome next to it. That means it installed properly on your page. Click on Welcome and the box opens an HTML editor. Enter your HTML there. Start with a small snippet if you have problems with a large page that doesn't want to save.

Once saved, you have links that let you view the tab as your users will see it. Make sure to always test!

The editor let you choose whether scrollbars should be added or not and whether your HTML code includes FBML. Also, you'll notice two boxes. When both are filled, one is only visible by non-fans and the other by fans.

At the top of the editor there is an orange bar that gives you help about the Static HTML. I suggest you read those information to change the word "Welcome" to you liking and other such things.

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