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Snap! Remote Access


(Small Snap! Logo) Snap! supports remote posting.

Remote posting is composed of two parts:

  • A website that lets your editor connect to create new posts
  • A client (i.e. an editor) running on your computer

(Small Snap! Logo) Snap! is such a website and it works with different editors as listed below.

Available Editors

BlogJet is a standalone editor for MS-Windows.

BlogDesk is a standalone editor that runs under MS-Windows.

Ecto is a standalone editor that runs under Mac OS/X1.

Zoundry is a standalone editor for MS-Windows that works with Internet Explorer 5.5 or better.

Windows Live Writer is a standalone editor by Microsoft that runs under MS-Windows.

Semagic is a standalone and Open Source editor for MS-Windows.

w.bloggar is a standalone HTML editor (not WYSIWYG!) for MS-Windows.

Limits of remote blogging

Advanced formatting is generally not well supported.

The basic formats: bold, italic, underline, left, center or right justified, indentation, quotation, lists will generally work as expected.

Changing fonts, colors, highlights will generally not work right.

You will have to test with your editor and see what you can use and what you cannot use.

Snap! SEO e-Book Index:
  • 1. It looks like there was a MS-Windows version of Ecto, yet it is either not available any more or never was.