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Snap! Blocks

In your Snap! Website, Blocks are used to add content on the edges, the top and the bottom of your content.

For example, the Snap! Websites we show our Facebook page widget on the side. This is done with blocks.

You may create HTML blocks, in which case you can enter HTML code directly in the block. This is useful when someone sends you HTML code for their ad, a widget (such as the Facebook widget), or some block that would otherwise be very difficult to format with the editor.

By default blocks appear on all your pages. It is customary to hide some blocks from the administration pages, but it is not required. At times, although, you may want a block to only appear on a specific page. This is done by adding the path of the page at the bottom. For example, this page is snap-documentation/content/snap-blocks (you can see that in your location bar of your browser at the top, anything after the domain name. Note that you do not include the starting / character.)

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