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Snap! Meta Tag: Page Title

The Meta Tag support by the Snap! system includes the Page Title Meta Tag.

In generally, this option is not necessary because the <title> tag is already present on all pages. However, the title meta tag is different.

The <title> tag is defined as:

  • The title of the page1
  • A vertical bar (|) character
  • The name of your website2

In comparison, the Page Title Meta Tag only includes the title of the page (first bullet point.)

The title is automatically added to your meta tags when the dc.title meta tag is turned on.

Snap! SEO e-Book Index:
  • 1. The title is what you enter in the Title box when creating/editing a page.
  • 2. When we create your website, we generate a default name. Once your website is ready, you should first go to your Site Information page to edit the name of your website to your liking.