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Meta Tags (keywords, descriptions, etc.)

Snap! offers all the necessary meta tags, especially the tags that are important for SEO1. The following describes the three meta tags main areas. There is a brief outline:

  1. Basic meta tags

Basic meta tags include the one meta tag that you always hear about: keywords. Snap! offers two means to enter keywords: (a) an input area to enter the keywords manually; (b) a taxonomy of tags that are automatically transformed in keywords.

The other basic meta tags that are important are: a page abstract, a description and a copyright.

Snap! also offers some more meta tags that are generally less important but may be of interest to you. For example, the author of an article can be mentioned using the Author meta tag.

It is also possible to define a default value which means that you won't have to manually enter your copyright on each page. For example, the copyright meta tag is most often setup for the entire website (i.e. © 2011 by Made to Order Software Corporation.)

  1. Advanced meta tags

Snap! actually offers many meta tags. The advanced meta tags are really only necessary on advanced websites. It will generally not add much of anything to your website to use them. For example, on a website describing your vacation all over the world, you might want to include the location meta tags. By default no location is offered in a message. With the location meta tags, you can enter the longitude and latitude. We also offer an extension to enter a complete address, a description of the area and a few other similar parameters.

  1. Automatic meta tags

Snap! automatically fills a certain number of meta tags for you. This makes your life a lot simpler and ensures a good set of meta tags. Among the automatic meta tags are the canonical URL to each one of your pages, the content type of the page (text/UTF-8), the author of the page, and when available a short URL.

As you grow the number of features on your Snap! website, so does the number of automatic meta tags.

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