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Folds and Cute Menu

The Folds theme has a hidden feature when you use the Primary Links menu. It is possible to add a dropdown menu at the bottom of that Primary Links menu block. All you have to do is create a new menu named "resources".


  • Folds Theme
  • Cute Menu
  • Primary Links1
  • A Resources Menu

By default we install the Primary Links menu in the Folds theme (if you decided to use that one as the default). If the Primary Links menu is not already selected, then click on Admin, Blocks, and move it to the Left or Right sidebars.

Now create a Resources menu: click on Admin and Menu. That page includes an Add Menu tab at the top. Click on it and fill out the form with the following (without the quotes):

  • Menu name: "resources"
  • Title: "Resources" (you may use any other name here, although it is never shown)
  • Description: "Additional menu to show under the Primary Links"

Please ignore the MO Toolbar settings. These are to create a toolbar as you see at the top-right.

Now click the Save button. By default the menu is empty so nothing appears. Now you want to add items to the menu. After the Save, you are in the menu settings. It should say Resources at the top (or whatever else you entered as the Title of the menu). One of the tabs on that screen says "Add item". Click on it to add new menu links. The links added to your menu can point anywhere you want. It can even be a link to another website.

The following is a quick reminder of the data you can enter in a menu item:

  • Path: the destination link; it is also called the URL or Location
  • Menu link title: the title that is shown for that link; it will appear in the dropdown
  • Description: You may leave the description empty; it is shown by the browser when the user hover this menu item;

The other parameters can be left alone. The weight is used to sort the menu items, although that can be done while editing the list of menu items instead.

The very first item you create is the one that appears under the Primary Links menu (at the bottom of that block.) Give it a short title that fits there (the characters are pretty big!)

Now add new items and make them children of that very first item you created. After you saved a new item, you can use the crosses to move the new items at the right location. The image below shows you a valid resource menu for the Folds theme.

Sample of Primary Links with a Resource menu in the Folds theme.

Snap! SEO e-Book Index:
  • 1. Note that the Primary Links menu has to be part of the Left sidebar and it is called "Menu" by default.