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Snap! Site Information

The Info icon on the Snap! Toolbar sends you to your Snap! Website Information page.

This page includes a few site wide entries that you may want to tweak once in a while.


The name of the website. This name appears in the title at the top and in the <title> tag in the HTML header1.

A name is mandatory so when you create a Snap! Website, we enter a default name for you. You are more than welcome to change the name to your liking.

E-Mail Address

This is your email address by default. If you get a new email address and want to enter it here, feel free to do so. This email is used in several different areas on the website but it is rarely used. This email address is considered the best email address to use to contact the primary administrator of the website.


Your website slogan. It is okay if you do not have one.

Different themes will show your slogan in different ways. The slogan is a simple string such as "Just Do It!"


Your website mission, why did you create it, etc.

This is most often shown at the top of a page, maybe only on the front page.

This feature is seldom used because it often doesn't get rendered the way you'd like to it to be rendered. Most of the time, using a block is a better solution.

Footer Message

Message shown in the footer of your website. Although some themes do not include a footer, most do.

The footer is often the name of your company, contact information, and a copyright line.

Anonymous User

The name used to represent an anonymous user. By default, this is set to Anonymous.

For example, if you are using Snap! for your restaurant, you could call your anonymous users Patron.

Default front page

By default, Snap! works in a way very similar to a blog. This means the front page shows a list of the latest 10 articles.

Most often, if you are creating a business website, you will want a front page that shows you a very specific Home page or what is often referenced as the HTML Index.

This option let you change the page to any other one you created on your website. The page needs to exist and be published for this feature to work right. You can enter the path of the page and the system will take care of transforming it to the node number as required internally.

For example, the page you are reading now has this URL:

If I were to make it the front page of the Snap! Websites, then I would use the full path like this:


(i.e. I removed the domain and first slash (/) character from the URL.)

It is safe to change the home page at any time. Note however that the Snap! system makes use of caches to ensure a faster response to queries by your viewers. This means the change is immediate for you, but not to your users. Depending on the cache duration, the front page may change in a few minutes or within a few days. If you have a problem in that regard, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll reset the cache for you.

Snap! SEO e-Book Index:
  • 1. See the title information and Page Title Meta Tag for more details about your website name.