An example of a spam page that Google Penguin does not like!

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As I've been around the Internet for a while, I've found many things and the website is one of those things. I've noticed that website before. Actually, today I found out that it was just a dump website. The owner decided that whatever he was doing with it was to be turned off. Unfortunately he turned it off in the sense that he removed his content and ignored all emails about new comments... and thus it is a big pile of comments from spammers.

I was wondering, how big is that page? It really takes forever to load... So I downloaded it and looked at the size:

prompt> ls -l ~/Downloads/time-for-glory.html
-rw-rw-r-- 1 alexis alexis 14771332 Jan 19 17:01 /home/alexis/Downloads/time-for-glory.html

Yes! Some 14Mb of spam on a single page. It takes forever to download, forever to search from your browser... and ALL the content is spam (the only original content says "Sorry my Beloved brethern in christ. We are currently designing this site." I've seen that site for a long time so I am thinking that the design was actually dropped.

From my rough counting (probably some duplicates, and some uncounted URLs) I found some 11,986 links on that one single page. So... even if that website was worth something (it is not at the time of writing), it would give you 1 / 12,000th of a point or something like 0.000083 points.

Now, since it is spam, you actually do not want to appear on that website at all. It's total crap. If you do, you'll want to tell Google Webmaster Tools that you have no relation with that website. This is done with the Disawov Links feature.

Source: Unnatural Links & Penguin Recovery