Useful insights in your website speed issues

Alexis Wilke's picture

As you create a website, you generally first want to create a site that works. That makes total sense, obviously!

Once the site functions, however, you probably want to wait a little bit for things to settle and see how it generally works. What gives you best results what doesn't help, etc.

Then, you will want to optimize the site for speed. This means making sure that your website appears as quickly as possible to your users. A site that's slow is most often left behind very quickly. I've been using such sites so I know what I'm talking about! (One site I still use that's very slow: -- I still wonder why they have so many people visiting with such a slow website. Any page you're trying to reach takes many seconds to load if not over 1 minute at times. Luckily the site is fast when you are not logged in.)

If you use Google Analytics, they do give you some load time information for a (fairly random) set of your website pages. This gives you useful information, but it does not give you all the details about what you can do to better your pages. Now, Google offers a new tool called Google PageSpeed Insight.

This is quite useful especially if you do not already know or understand what slows down your site.