1,900 new Top Level Domain (TLD) name proposed to ICANN

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.lol TLDICANN added 14 new TLDs, such as the .ss for South Sudan and the .tel for telecom companies, in the last 28 years. TLDs started being in use in 1984.

This year, ICANN decided to offer companies the opportunity to define their own TLDs. 1,900 applications have been submitted and we expect ICANN to release information about those on June 13, just a few more days...

Google jumped on the offer and sent applications for TLDs for many of their brand names such as .google itself, and .youtube (So that way you'll be able to find channels at once... Imagine: TheAnnoyingOrange.youtube) They also applied for some other TLDs such as .lol. They do not say how many applications they offered, but it could be quite a few.

Note that ICANN is going to make quite a bit of money on this one. With 1,900 applications and a cost of $185,000 per application, that's a whooping $351,500,000 and I would imagine that many of the applications will be refused. There may also be duplicates!

Would you get a .lol for your personal website? On my end, I already have my own .me site: http://www.alexiswilke.me/

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