Twitter is 6 years old today!

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Cyanocitta Cristata by Mdf
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The very first tweet posted on Twitter was March 21, 2006 and within this short period of 6 years, well over 500 million accounts where created.

It changed the Social Media landscape allowing many fans to talk with their favorite stars and Internet Marketers to grow the number of people who hear about them and their services or products. Many large companies are also using the system to closely keep in touch with their customers, giving them a great marketing advantage.

Like with any other Social Media system, once you created your account and are actively using it, it just keeps on growing... Plus, today, twitter is not very likely going to go down. I haven't seen a Twitter is over capacity screen in ages. It has become a powerful and permanent business tool.

Time to get an account if you don't already have one!