Snap! SEO: IFRAMEs are giving juice!

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Relation between pages using an IFRAME.I learned today that in the last couple of months two people tested content using an IFRAME to see whether the links in the IFRAME would generate the expected juice1 to the destination page, and it does!

The image to the right shows you what the test is about:

1. You create a new page

2. You create a link from a low ranking page2

3. You wait 2 or 3 weeks and the Google Ranking of the New Page may become zero (0)3

4. Well! You want to help that page a little faster... to do that you create an IFRAME in a high ranking page (GR7!)

5. You wait another 2 or 3 weeks...

6. The New Page rank is now high enough (probably 1 or 2) and the page can be found in a Google Search!

This is not artificial. I'm sure. However, you do not want to start adding hundred of IFRAME tags in a single page. If you do that, you'll get a penalty for slow loading and probably another for "too many links" type of problem4.


  • 1. In SEO terms, juice means passing ranking value from one page to another.
  • 2. You do this because that's where the link really belongs! Remember that for clean SEO and high ranking, you want links to look right for the page.
  • 3. A ranking of zero is more or less an equivalent to "your page officially exists in the Google Search engine." But that gives you close to zero chance to have it ever appear in a search.
  • 4. Note that many menu links are okay (i.e. those are internal links,) too many external links and you get in trouble!