Snap! News: Google Search using SSL!

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Pines under SnowOn October 18, Google announced that all the searches for logged in users (say you have a G+ account...) will make use of their secure pages (i.e. using encrypted data.) Our new upcoming Snap! Websites version will also let you log in your account using SSL.

This is important for users of Google+ since a bar appears at the top and the functionality of that bar includes a cookie. This is a security issue since your account could get hacked since your cookie is traveling on the Internet in clear while doing searches (unless you log out of G+ each time you use it?)

It looks like this is not 100% in place yet, but expect to soon see an "s" at the end of http when you search with Google. (i.e.

Interestingly enough, this is happening less than a month after Facebook also announced that they would protect their site by only offering views on their website or only of secure third party websites (i.e. again sites that offer encrypted data feeds with SSL technology.)

Source: Making search more secure