Snap! Marketing: Order of Importance of your Web Pages

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Today I watched this video about Übercart which is the e-Commerce system we offer with Snap! Websites.

The last slide presented in this video1 shows a list of pages by importance. This entry really caught my eye because the order of the pages is different from what I've seen before.

If you also have a cart and offer goods to your customers, this is very important to you because if you are like me you want to increase your sales and not just spend your time on beautifying pages that are not significant to your actual customers.

For example, my company's main website has an okay front page. We actually don't change it (it could definitively be better!) because not even 10% of our traffic ever visits our front page (i.e. out of 3,000 hits or so a month, we'd get a whooping 260 hits on the home page, often not the same people who landed on another page.)

So... there are the things to think about when you build your e-Commerce website2:

1. Checkout

2. Product Details

3. Product Catalog

4. Home Page

Here we go!

A lot of people will not purchase if your Checkout page sucks! Period. Actually, a bad checkout page often rhymes with bad service, bad support, bad people... Actually the Amazon idea has always been: One Click Checkout. That's how important it is. Once you're hot to purchase a product: click once and you'll get it at your door step in a few days.

I totally agree with the second entry: the first thing I do before purchasing a product is read as much as I can about it. If your description sucks (or is just an as is copy of the manufacturer, which happens a LOT with computer parts) then I'm not likely to move forward with a purchase.

Dan KennedyThe Product Catalog is a good mean for your customer to find the exact product they want, therefore it is important. However, remember one of the most important advice from Dan Kennedy:


This is especially true on the Internet. If you offer 3 products to your customers, he/she will have to choose the one that best suit them. How are they to choose?! You cannot push the sale, they're on the other side of the wire... (although you could add some JavaScript to interact in different ways, but be cautious... some people may feel invaded and quit on the spot.)

Ah! Yeah... at the bottom... the home page. Not important enough to spend too much time on it. This being said, you don't want it super ugly either. But just think about it: if 90% of your traffic goes somewhere else, wouldn't you want to spend 90% of your time on what's important on your website?

So... what you want is an easy to use cart!

  • 1. The slide of interest appears a little after 9 minutes. Note that the video is pretty awful otherwise...
  • 2. Note that if your site is about something else than e-Commerce, this probably doesn't apply!