Who is that author? Increase your credibility with Snap!

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As I keep up to date with Google Search Engine enhancements, I listen to a video (here on the left) yesterday explaining how you could increase your credibility (and thus increase the number of hits you get on your websites) by clearly specifying who the author of a post is. I immediately made the necessary changes to Snap! so it supports this capability.

For anyone who offers a blog or similar feature on their website, it is very likely that you will include the name of the author and a link to his or her account. The account should include a small biography describing the author accomplishments and any other interesting details.

The link from a post of that author to his account should include a relative indication that the account describe the author1

This is already a great step for your website. Do you see the Alexis Wilke link at the top of this post? That the one we just talked about. If you can read HTML code, check it out, you will see the special attribute that Google checks to link user accounts and their work on the web.

The last step is to add a link from and a link to your account and your Google+ account.

Snap! offers the capability to add a link to Google+ via the Follow feature2. This feature let you enter the URL to your Google+ account on your Snap! account3.

Editing your links in your Google+ accountOnce you added your Google+ account URL in your Snap! account, go to your Google+ profile and click the Edit Profile button. There, on the right side, you have a list of your links (if it's still empty, get started on it!) To edit the list, click on the title. It will then change to the editable state. The list let you add new links by clicking on the Add Custom Link button at the bottom of the link.

The link includes 3 pieces of information:

1) The label you want to show in your list (what people will see, i.e. My Profile);

2) The link itself (they call it the URL, that's the address to your profile page);

3) The flag "This page is specifically about me" which for any one profile you add here MUST be checked.

Make sure to click Save so the link is kept.

Voilà! Within a few weeks results including pages you wrote will include your Google+ picture next to them. If that doesn't increase your clicks, you may want to update your picture?

Enjoy the Google video!



Update Aug 30, 2011

Search for Snap! Websites on Google and... saw my picture!

I can already see my picture in Google Search! Really cool, if you ask me. And so I can tell you that it works.

It has been less than 2 weeks and I did not check every day to see when it would start appearing.

I'd bet that if you are famous on the net, you'll appear in searches very quickly.

Good luck!

Click on the image to try
the search and see
how it works for you.


  • 1. Technically, the link includes a rel="author" attribute. That way Google immediately knows that the account with the biography is about that author.
  • 2. The links you add in the Follow list all include the relative attribute set to "me". To Google this means the destination is one of your Internet profiles.
  • 3. The URL of your Google+ account looks something like this: https://plus.google.com/112262815318720261504/ (the number is currently 14 digits!)