Getting more leads from your website

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Most of us are impulsive buyers. Once you want something, you just got to have it and you'll easily take the first offer presented to you even if there is a cheaper alternative available. This is true with Internet services such as Snap! Websites and other online services. This even happens with everyday items such as food. Remember the large number of items on display right next to the cashiers? Those are the last thing on your list, but they are right there to remind you to get them before leaving the store, and it works.

On the Internet, you can use many tricks to grab the attention of your readers and ultimately, your leads.

You should have a very concise and rather short introduction page with your ONE product or service for sale. Do not try to sell everything you've got. If you have a large store with many items, you want to have ONE item on sale and that you continuously show your customers (if you have a larger store, you may consider one item per section, don't sell nice towels to a guy looking for hardware parts... a screw driver or soap to remove grease may be more appropriate in this case.)

Now, when you get people to your website, they are likely to leave quickly. Especially if the site takes a long time to load. So... you want to do two things:

(1) As soon as possible capture their email address, this is generally done with an incentive to sign up for a newsletter or something of the sort; if your product is not yet for sale, it would be to build your list of future customers by asking them to sign up to be notified as soon as the product comes out;

(2) Be easy to contact! This, I think, is the most important part. Many of my Internet customers contacted me first in order to make sure that (a) they would get an answer to their first email address or phone call, in case they needed support later; and (b) to be reassured that the product would work for them1.

Point (2) goes along with two other sub-points which more and more people will check or no deal:

(2.1) Do you have a Privacy Policy?

(2.2) Do you have a Terms and Conditions contract?

As time passes, more people have bad experiences with companies flooding them with emails, not emitting refunds, and all sorts of other bad services.

By having pages explaining your policies to the letter and fast response time on your emails (especially to hot leads,) you are dramatically increasing your chances for additional sales. Actually, look at companies that you automatically trust such as Target or Barnes and Nobles. Check out their website. You will see that they have a privacy policy and terms & conditions.

Now that we agree, if receiving phone calls is very important in your business, you want your contact phone number in big at the top of your website, if possible using a LARGE font.

+1 (916) 988-1450

Obviously, you are more than welcome to call us, although most of our business is done through our websites (the lead generators) and by emails. In case of Snap! Websites, I put a Feedback button, a Contact Us at the top and a Support link at the bottom. All of those have the exact same effect: the system sends me a simple email with the lead or customer request.

In that regard, for those of you who have many permanent yet big products and services (opposed to a store that offers many products for a rather short period of time,) you may want to consider having one website per product or service, especially if those are your bread and butter. You may still have one hub where all transactions and customer experience happens, but many sites that grab leads for you.

  • 1. And our response to that one is pretty much always positive, but the most important part is that we offer a 30-day no question asked refund policy and we already have a few customers who asked for their money back.