Crazy Long Domain Names without meaning!?

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Gothic Letters by Giovannino de Grassi
Gothic Letters HJKLPQR by Giovannino

Today I received a spam comment on Snap! Websites. Nothing too surprising up to here. Quickly browsing (the text was just gibberish so fast reading takes on its full meaning!) I noticed that the link in the email was using the domain name abcde. The first 5 letters of the alphabet.

This gave me the idea to check whether someone had registered the Latin alphabet domain name. After all, it could be viewed as a valuable domain name, right?

Sure enough! abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz dot com is registered! The registration was made privately (the whois does not return information about the real owner.) Anyway... how many people are really going to type the alphabet to get to a website?! Hmmm... maybe a site for young kids.

Note that no one is using the domain, it is available for sale by the current owner. The Internet is littered by those. In 2010, about 196 million domains existed on the Internet.

Just as a quick reminder, always try to get a domain name that is close to what your product or service is about, or if you prefer, close to your company's name (assuming that the name of your company represents its products or services well.) If you offer many products, you may use terms that relate to all of them (i.e. Auto Parts, Snap! Websites, Fuzzy Drinks.)

Also, if you have many, quite different products, you may want to consider having one website per group of product.

Finally, as much as possible, make it short. The maximum length of a domain name is 63 characters, but don't try to use them all!