How do I know whether an Internet Product has any value?

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Mons Meg, 51cm medieval canon of nearly 7 tonsIf you have been on the Internet for any amount of time, you certainly ran in ads telling you that you'd be able to quit your job in a month (or less?!) but you'd have to act right now to benefit from that special offer, or the costs increase from the low $47 now to a wooping $197 next month...

An important note I'd like to make:

Chances are: you can quit your job any time you want! In the US, most of the people who work are working at will and do not even need to give a notice before leaving a company. Of course, your income will also go away and if your job is the only source of money you currently have, it may be a good idea to keep. It at least until you find another good source of money.

So, yes... you find that great ad and you're interested, but you have no clue whether to move forward on that deal or not. Are you just going to pay $47 or $97 and never see a dime coming back? Fortunately, there is a place that you can check to answer your question1:


The forum includes thousands of members (a little over 288,000 as of today) and millions of posts (2.2M+ and going!) So it is more than likely to include information about that famous product that you are interested in. Actually, if it doesn't mention it... be doubly careful: it is either brand new, or it is dodgy.

What I suggest you do is search for information about the product on that forum. However, keep in mind that some people use the forum as a mean of promoting their product (and so will you be able to do with your own products!2) So when you find your product information on the forum, make sure that it is a real thread (i.e. with people talking about the product by commenting on said product with their own critic.)

To perform your search, the fastest way is to use Google. That will find all the pages of interest in under 1 second. For example, use a search like this:

site:warriorforum.html "The Magical Blaster! email Marketing on Auto-Pilot"3

Of course, here I show you an hypothetical product name since I wouldn't want an existing product to get more credits than others.

Oh and by the way, it may very well be true that the said product will not be available anymore next week or next month. However, that should be the least of your concern. If you cannot find the time to review the product correctly and maybe the reseller, I strongly advise that you do not go into it

Actually, it is often a good idea to be on the mailing list of the seller for some time so that way you can follow them and see what and how they do things. Plus you should be able to communicate with the person because if not and you want your money back, how is that going to work for you?

  • 1. Frankly, most of the so called Internet Marketing products (systems that are supposed to help you sell on the Internet) are not really worth the money since all the information is available for free, just hard to gather and put together. However, if you do get personal training or great, advanced support, then it can be a tremendous value to you since that will teach you everything that needs to be known to run your business. A simple e-book, on the other hand, will probably not satisfy you.
  • 2. An important note about the fact that you will be able to post information about your product on WarriorForum: that will give you links back to your website, increasing your own website rank (I already talked about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, and this is one great way, especially if you have an Internet Marketing product or anything that's related.)
  • 3. The search starts with site colon and the website name. Then it includes the exact name of the product written between double quotes (the quotes are important.)