Stagnant Snap! Blog... Why you need to post about once a week!

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Phoenix Vernal Pool, Feb 2011, Algae in vernal pool
Vernal Pool at the Phoenix Park, Orangevale, CA
This pool may look stagnant when in fact the water is
moving, albeit slowly, it remains clear. Just like your blog!

I think I mentioned that before in my Snap! Journal but wanted to strengthen the argument...

There are several reasons why you want to keep posting on your blog. First of all, your readers will continue to read your posting only if you actually post. Otherwise, well... there is nothing to read, right?

Because most people cannot handle reading pages and pages every day. Posting once a week or so should be enough for most audiences. Although at the start, to make the blog useful, posting once a day for a month or so is not a bad idea.

The other reason is that new posts tend to attract new readers. That means more of a chance for you to get that click you really want to get. Of course, this assumes you created the necessary Snap! Blocks on your website asking users to take action. There are many ways to do that, the two most important ones are:

  1. Selling a product or service? Make sure to include a Buy Now, Register or similar button;
  2. Offer a newsletter sign up to increase your mailing list.

The idea is pretty simple: you must entice your users to buy your product or service and if not that, to at least give you their email address so you can continuously market your product or service to them.

So... stop the stagnation and start writing in your blog again. This will give you sign ups in your mailing list and thus increase your likelihood of making more sales as you send exciting newsletters.

Re: Stagnant Snap! Blog... Why you need to post about once a ...

Writing posts regularly is a great discipline to have to improve one's SEO ranking.  Google monitors post frequency and factors it into their indexing algorithm.  For example, I was reviewing RSS feeds to add to my reading list, and Google shows each feed with a posts-per-week counter.  RSS feeds that had high posts-per-week counts had substantially higher subscription rates than those with lower counts.

But how can one write posts more frequently?

1 - Writing is about having fresh ideas, so I follow RSS feeds of blogs in my sector to find new ideas and topic trends.

2 - You can write more frequently if you simplify your writing.  It takes a lot more effort and research to write a 700 word article than it is to write a 250 word article.  I simplify the task by focusing on more specific topics requiring less writing and I embed more related images and videos that help emphasize the topic.