Presentation of Snap! at the Sacramento Drupal Users Group

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Sacramento Drupal Users Group LogoTonight I had the chance to present Snap! features1, concept, business model to a Drupal Users Group (DUG).

The presentation went well. We talked quite a bit about how to make use of Drupal to create such a system. Three other groups of people are doing a similar work, so it was an interesting event as we talked about the different solutions we each have.

Snap! Websites are powered by Drup CMS. A system used by more and more people as it has matured to a quite advanced system with a large number of third party modules that complement it very well.

Note that I do tend to talk a lot so the presentation itself does not include even half of what we talked about at the presentation. But if you have any question about Snap!, feel free to ask in a comment or contact us.

Alexis Wilke at the Sacramento Drupal Users Group presenting Snap!The presentation summary:

  • About Alexis Wilke
  • What is Snap!
  • Where does Snap! come from?
  • Who wants to use Snap!?
  • When to use Snap!?
  • Why use Snap!?
  • Questions & Answers


  • 1. I'm attaching the presentation below, click on the link to view it in your PDF reader.
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