Getting out of of some pages you liked and are not using anymore...

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Farmer's Market Mess in Somerville, USAFacebook is a wild beast. I'm not too sure why they feel like they have to change their interface so very often, but the fact is that they do.

The current version is not so bad once you understand where the navigation is. Do you know where it is?

I'm sure most people don't find the Facebook menu practical. It's not a usual, easy to use, and intuitive website menu, to say the least. And yes, I'm not talking about the one at the top right corner which is a regular drop-down menu and works well. That one is also useful to manage your account (what email you receive, change your email address, password, or even close your Facebook account!)

The one menu I'm talking about is the one on the left side when you are on your Home page, that page with messages from all your friends1.

My Facebook WallmenuThere is a cheat... the picture on the left is the menu as it appears to me right now.

At the top you see your picture, name and a link to your profile settings. This is the same link you have on your wall, at the top-right.

Then comes the 4 major menu items:

o News Feed—your home folder, from what I can tell, although the link is slightly different

o Messages—your InBox of private message sent to you directly by other users or groups, pages, etc.

o Events—all those events you are invited to attend (here I have 69!)

o Friends—the list of all your friends

The 4 major menu items are easy to understand and they always show up.

Now, there are another 4 items followed by a See All link. Those are groups you like (that's one place where you go to Unlike them.) The ones appearing by default on your wall are there because they have activity on them and you visited them recently. The others are hidden by default. Simply because there is no point in showing you 100 links if you visit just 1 or 2 of them regularly.

Finally, the menu ends with another few items, here we see Apps, Ads and Pages, and Game Requests. Again, what you clicked on last, most often, or has items you should take care of (i.e. 1 Game Requests in my case) is what appears first in this menu, making the menu even more confusing since it changes as you use it and your friends send you requests (imagine: each time you use your car to go to the supermarket it moves in the parking lot without your knowledge... who would want to implement such a feature?!)

As you may notice, there is link More under those 3 items. Click on it to see the entire menu. There you will see all the other things you agreed to use. In my case I have and BranchOut (which so far I have not found how to get right of!)

Facebook menu when it is open.This is also where you will find much less used options such as Likes and Photos (obviously, I don't use Photos much at all, you may be in which case it is likely to be one of the top 3 entries for you!) Clicking on those links will give you a list that corresponds to that feature. So clicking on Links gives you a list of all the links you and your friends ever posted.

Notice the PageNotifier app? If you are using a Business Page, you may notice that you get no notification when someone posts something on your page... That's fine if you can trust the person posting, but quite often you get spam (especially if anyone can Like your page.) So to avoid problems, I use the PageNotifier which automatically tells me whether something was posted. The spam will be visible for up to one day, but that's otherwise free!

By the way... see that link at the bottom of the list? Yes! It says See Hidden. So I have even more than that... Ha! Ha!

Now, this does not include Business Pages that you like. For some reasons, those are not shown in your menu. Instead, you have to go to your Profile (menu link at the top right) and scroll down until you see your Likes. In that menu you see a links saying how many Likes you have. In my case, I have 244 Likes. Notice that's a link. Click on it and a window appears with the complete list. This is the old way still. I guess that will change soon, but at this point, you have to go through that restrained window to find the like you are interested in visiting and click on the link. This means you have to go to the page, and Unlike it there. Once done, you have to come back to your Profile and click the XXX Likes again to remove the next page you are not interested in anymore.

Facebook Likes are in your Profile.

Well! Hope this helped a few of you. By the way, all the pages that can be reached via this menu can also be reached in some other way. But that's certainly the easiest.

Quick Update:
You may not be able to find all of your Likes under the Likes pop-up window. Instead, you want to go to you Profile and click on the Info link on the left side of the screen. That sends you to your info and there you have all the different pages that you Likes (see under Arts and Entertainment and Activities and Interests.)

  • 1. That's also something that changed dramatically since I started using Facebook. You actually only see messages from people you somehow interact with. Others will just disappear from your radar, quickly. To have a chance to see what everyone is talking about, you'll most certainly have to go to their actual wall!