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Snap! Twitter Background ImageYou may already have tried the new Twitter, I have with one of my accounts1. I have to say that it is completely different! Well... the tweets are the same and your followers and people you are following... and the messages will be the same. I'm talking about the style and the way things work. It took me a week to get used to it.2

The biggest change is the width: it's twice larger! Yes, twice! (well... at least the right column.) That means the Tweeter output will fill most of your screen up. I suppose that they will keep the smaller view available for cell phones. But on my desktop, that's just plain BIG. In itself, it's not a problem, you get much more info on the screen. But...

The result is that now your background image will "break" (Our Snap! Websites Twitter background is shown on the left, see the result in our screenshots below.) Most people won't see much of it anymore when they are on the new Twitter. Although it is still there, unless the users have a really wide screen, but don't count on it. It will need to be changed...

On that one, I'm wondering how much research Twitter has done. It may be part of their plan of adding advertising interleaved with your tweets... (which I thought they started, but so far I've not seen any of those commercial messages anywhere!) So getting your crap out would be a good side effect3. (This is really my total speculation and I'm probably wrong... )

  • 1. Twitter, contrary to most social media systems, lets you own more than one account. In case you did not know, Facebook does not allow you have more than one account, even if you have multiple email addresses and they may delete ALL your accounts in case you create more than one.
  • 2. A side note: I could not revert my account back to the old look and feel. That menu option gave me an error. So know that you cannot just test the new look. You'll be stuck with it for a while...
  • 3. Just in case you don't notice, I italicized the word crap. What I mean is that this way they eliminate a certain amount of direct competition.
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Google just released a new update (May 2012) called Penguin which actually contradict the following. If too many links from websites considered bad do point to your website, then Google may degrade your page rank.

See my new post about this change here.

SPAM meat boxes with arrow pointing toward your Snap! Website...You may have heard from some people that a link pointing to your Snap! Blog when present on a spam website can affect your ranking in the wrong direction. Oops!

The idea is actually very simple, if you get a a link from a very high level website such as The BBC (Google Rank 9) or IBM (Google Rank 8) then you get highly accredited for it. A link on a website that does not even have a rank1, on the other hand, does not give you much credit if at all.

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Today, October 1, 2010, is certainly a special day! The Social Network movie directed by David Fincher just came out nationwide.

The Social Network logo

I think that, one more time, that proves the success of The Facebook1 and all the other online social media systems.

Of the two hours movie, I only saw the official trailer (click on the social network button above to find the official movie site.) But from the little I read, I can say that it has to be good because it got exceptional ratings. I don't ...

  • 1. This was the name given to Facebook at the start. It became Facebook before the public heard about it.
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Most of us will fail at one thing or another before achieving great success. You have to realize that if your very first business venture is a top success, you've got very lucky. No! I'm not saying that it never happens, but it is not the usual case. The one main reason is that you need to gain experience to know how to handle your business to reach success.

My company has several websites and only a couple actually work and get thousands of hits every month. Now Snap! Websites is on its way.

Snap! SEO Google Analytics

A quick explanation about this Google Analytics screenshot...

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Number 1Last week I talked about Squidoo.

This week, I searched for Snap Free Hosting on Google and sure enough, my page appears first. Whether this is good, who knows... (some say that's not the most important part of getting sales! We'll have to touch that important subject soon!) Of course, at some point it will get there for Free Hosting by itself, I'm sure. I still think that's a pretty good position in about 1 week's time. Of course, that Squidoo page links to this Snap! Website. This is definitively what I call Snap! SEO.

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Google Webmaster Tools -- Website ListI already mentioned a few things in regard to ways of finding who links to your website1. In order to rank your Snap! Website pages (or really anyone's pages if that matter,) Google Search has a complete list of all the links that can be found on the Internet2. Of course, Google knows where the links point to and if they point to your website, then you have the right to know where those links come from (i.e. on which pages they reside on the World Wide Web.)

You may already know that when people click on a link, the website where the link comes from is called the referrer and that this referrer is given to the destination website. This is a good way to find pages with links pointing toward your website, however, many people turn off that feature in their browser3. In other words, in many cases you do not get that information and it looks like the person coming to your website directly entered the URL in their location bar.

Now, there is a way to get the complete list from Google Search!

  • 1. Note that you can find some of your competitors back-links using Google Search and the link:<website> special search capability.
  • 2. It will be very close to all of the links... Obviously, each time someone posts new links, it will not be known immediately. However, if you have an XML Sitemap, Google Analytics and Ping features—and You do with your Snap! Website—then Google is likely to be informed within about 5 minutes and retrieve your new post between 5 and 10 minutes. This being said, it may not index it for a while.
  • 3. This is in regard to privacy issues... By hiding the referrer in your HTTP requests, I cannot know which website you came from and thus I cannot investigate or track your trail on the Internet.
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If you've been on my blog before, you may have noticed a changed since Friday.

I wanted to do it sooner, but as usual, something else has been popping up here and there.

Snap! SEO has the capability to show your readers all sorts of blocks.

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Categories: Space Technology Knowledge

The Six Million Dollar ManWhen I was a kid I was watching The Six Million Dollar Man1. I like the story and all of these abilities: see far, run fast, twist steel, jump high... Only Steve Austin could resolve all of those problems without a problem.

If your that old... (I'm sure they run it again and again on some strange channels though!) you may recall the beginning of each episode, especially the older episodes, had a crashing spaceship. This is part of the story, Steve Austin went to space and when coming back, his space ship gets in a grave accident as he loses control of the ship and crashes in a desert generating a large amount of dust.

After that really bad accident, a doctor who has been working with Steve asks surgeons to replace his lost legs, his right arm and left eye with bionic parts. This is the start of many adventures of the Cyborg!

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Google is a very powerful search engine. The search has been enhanced greatly over the years and is still moving forward. Now we get the instant search among other things...

Yet, most people get the result they want but when you are searching for something very specific it can be quite tricky (or take hours when you had only 10 min. to find the complete answer!)

Here are the few tricks I commonly use.

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You've received one of those, I'm sure. Blind offers have existed for a long time and it is not specific to the Internet. However, with the advent of email marketing and all of those hackers selling unknowledgeable newbies lists of scraped emails for cheap... you're bound to receive such emails once in a while.

A blind offer is very much alike a blind date. You have no clue what's in it for you. This means you have no clue what you are really purchasing other than whatever hype the people are offering you.

«If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't.»