A "username" for your Facebook groups, pages and applications!

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Isn't that an ugly spider?!
As ugly as those URLs!

When you first create your group, business page or application its URL looks deadly ugly. It includes your page name, but it has a very large number too... A number you can be sure no one will remember. Okay, maybe one or two people, but I hope you're really looking into getting a few more than that to Like your page! Oh! And Speaking of that, don't forget to click the Like button of this very page, look up there...

Now there is a good example: the Snap! Websites page. Really, it went like this:


This reminds me of those URLs sent to you by pretty much all the websites where you can create an account or download something after you entered your email address. They will include one really ugly usually random number. Actually, some of those websites will send you 3 or 4 of these long numbers. I'm still not too sure why they cannot do the same thing with one small number. When you register for Snap! I generate one very small number and you still have something like 1 billion possibilities, so the chances for a hacker to get the right number are quite slim. Okay... sorry... that was my rant about silly billies better known as website programmers.

So, what you want is to change the name of you page in something like http://www.facebook.com/my-chosen-name.

First, you will need to have at least 25 friends liking your group, business page or application. Once you have those 25 people liking you, then you'll have the right to assign a Facebook name. To do so, click on the following link:


At that point you see a drop down. Choose the page that will get a new URL and click Check Availability. If you already assigned a URL name, you won't be able to change it. Choose wisely as changing the name of your business page later will make it look different from your URL name if that was what you first chose... (and you don't want to ask your 1,000+ fans to like a new page just because you wanted to change its URL name!)

Managing you Facebook Username

I wanted to give a special thanks to KeyLeds for pointing this information out to me.

Addition Apr 1, 2011

Our company also has a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/m2osw