Grow your Snap! Website and your mailbox will grow too!

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Does your mail system support filtering?

Dichroic filters
Do you think we'll soon see light filters for spam?

Pretty much all the mail system I know of have some mechanism to filter incoming mail. This will become more and more important as your grow your Snap! Website. Just like me, you will need to more and more organize your mail to support the growing flood of it.

In general, you can enter the name of a person or their email address and whenever you receive an email from that person, it goes in a specific folder.

More advanced systems let you check all the parts of your email:

  • From—The email address of the person who sent you the email
  • To—If you have some forwarding from other emails, you can distribute that between folders
  • Subject—Registered on a list or newsletter? 99% of the time the subject will say something like "M2OSW: ..."
  • Body—The actual content of the email, you can check for a signature or some specific word...
  • Date or Age—Check the date the message was sent or received
  • Size—Detect emails with an attachment for instance
  • Priority, Status, Cc, Tags...

For instance, all the email from a customer could use the "From", "ends with", "". This means all the emails coming from the Snap! Website server go in that specific folder1.

What can you really do with all of that?

I don't know if you ever tried using those filters like that before before... But these are used by Yahoo!, GMail, Hotmail, etc. to catch spam. (Although I'm still surprised that Yahoo! does not catch spam that fake their own domain name!)

Yes! What I'm saying here is that this powerful tool can be used to auto-redirect emails directly to your Junk folder.

For instance, unless you work in that industry, you can check emails that mention Viagra, Cialis, & Co.2 Insert rules to test the following three entries:Amanita muscaria

  • Subject
  • From
  • Body

With Thunderbird, you can say "Subject" "Contains" "Viagra", then add another rule "Subject" "Contains" "Cialis", repeat for the "From" and "Body". Voilà! You eradicated emails from spammers using those words. Of course, you can also add some more with different syntax.

Similarly, you can check for "[SPAM]", "*SPAM*", etc. which different systems will add to an email subject before you receive them. And with Thunderbird you can even test headers that it doesn't support by default. This is useful if you have an anti-spam tool that adds a new field such as X-Spam: info...

Hope this helps you better manage your mailbox!

  • 1. Note that at this time we do not use a specific email address for, instead we use our corporate email system: and do so mainly to avoid extraneous spam that we really don't need.
  • 2. Note that I do not need those in my Thunderbird installation since our Made to Order Software server already drops those emails. But for the sake of this example...