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Warning about Search Engine!

Sample of dynamic search algorithm.I'm here to help you with your Snap! Website and I wanted to warn you about something in regard to search engines and most particularly Google Search because it's pretty darn smart...

I found out a while back (about 10 years ago probably) that when I click on the same link over and over again, it slowly moves toward the top of my search results and soon enough it looks like it is number one each time I search with the same keywords.


When I search for Snap Websites using the browser I use to work all day long, it is #1 on the page. When I do the same search in another browser, it is #4.

Google registers your clicks and gives you the results that you like (i.e. the same results that you clicked on earlier.) They most certainly use your Google account if you are logged in and cookies in your browser1. Then they may push your Snap! Website (assuming that link was from your website, it could be any website, really) in front of a few thousand people to see whether the search result was indeed appropriate2. If not, you'll drop back to your normal position for other searchers, but not for yourself...

On my end, I use 3 browsers so I can always switch to another one where I'm not logged in my Google account and where I do not click on any of the links to make sure that the order is genuine. On most computers you can get multiple browsers. The most used are the following four3:

Note that I did not test the other search engines, yet it is very likely that they do similar things. After all, they are testing Google all day long and replicate many of the features.

So... Did that help?

  • 1. A Browser Cookie is simply a variable. It carries some date information and is linked to the specific website you are browsing (i.e. website cannot share its cookies with website The date information makes the cookies temporaries. The website information prevents one website from seeing the data set by another. This is extremely important especially when you log in an account... since in most cases a cookie is used and leaking your bank account cookie to a hacker website would be really bad.
  • 2. The idea that Google will test its results by swapping sites is really just a wild guess, but that would explain some discrepancies in my searches that I've seen over the years.
  • 3. Of course, I don't use one of the four main browsers... It would be too easy! Instead, I like SeaMonkey which is the continuation of Netscape. The reasons are that it shows me a nice source code editor and the menus and preferences are organized in a better way.