The Social Network or Facebook on the Big Screen!

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Today, October 1, 2010, is certainly a special day! The Social Network movie directed by David Fincher just came out nationwide.

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I think that, one more time, that proves the success of The Facebook1 and all the other online social media systems.

Of the two hours movie, I only saw the official trailer (click on the social network button above to find the official movie site.) But from the little I read, I can say that it has to be good because it got exceptional ratings. I don't personally trust ratings by professional film reviewers that much, but when they all agree, there must be something about it, right? A movie with a couple of law suits, funding roller coasters, and finally success, it's certainly an interesting watch.

The movie is a business thriller with kids partying with girlfriends, some romance (nah! just kidding...), a few scenes in a court of law... It is based on a book written by Ben Mezrich2 and thus not someone who was part of Facebook, also Ben worked with Eduardo Saverin, the first CFO of facebook and one of the early founders. Ben's book was adapted for the film by Aaron Sorkin. How close to reality is this? Not exactly sure, although Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO and founder, commented by saying that the movie was mostly fiction and that he had wished for a movie about him to come out after his death! Facebook, as a company, has not commented on the movie so far.

My question to you: Will there be a sequel?! (add a comment below!)

The social network movie cast (Actor—Person Played):

  • Jesse Eisenberg—Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and first programmer of Facebook (more precisely, he started with "Face Mash")
  • Andrew Garfield—Eduardo Saverin another knowledgeable programmer from Harvard who becomes the CFO, good friend of Mark, who helped start Facebook
  • Joseph Mazzello—Dustin Moskovitz who becomes the top programmer after Mark
  • Justin Timberlake—Sean Parker, the founder of Napster who offers founding to Mark and Eduardo
  • Brenda Song—Christy Lee, one of Mark's girlfriend
  • Rooney Mara—Erica Albright, Mark's girlfriend at the start, the one who gives Mark the idea of "Face Mash"
  • Armie Hammer—Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (Armie plays twin brothers), who had an idea similar to Facebook
  • Max Minghella—Divya Narendra, the Winklevoss brothers partner in the Uconnect venture

The producers are Scott Rudin, Kevin Spacey, Dana Brunetti, Michael De Luca and Ceán Chaffin and according to Wikipedia, the movie budget was under $40 million. Quite small for a 2h movie that is already expected to receive awards.

Discovery of the day: Mark Zuckerberg is a nerd.

  • 1. This was the name given to Facebook at the start. It became Facebook before the public heard about it.
  • 2. Ben is an American author from Princeton who writes non-fiction books about real-life events, such as the birth of Facebook.