Snap! SEO - Importance of Link Density within one page of your Snap! Blog

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Representation of the density repartition of a gas.
3D Gas Density Representation by NASA

If you've read quite a few things about SEO, you have probably heard of word density before. The density of the words found on your websites, such as the words « Snap! Hosting Plans », is used by search engines such as Google in an  attempt to determine what the heck you are the most likely talking about. The words that are found to be used the most are called your keywords1. To find out about your keywords, check your Google Webmaster Tools. There is a link on the left side that says Keywords under Your site on the web. Click on it and you'll get a list of your top 20 keywords. If those are not what you'd expect, then you have work to do!

Frankly, the algorithms are a tad bit more complicated than just that. For instance, it takes languages in account since even in the US you can find millions of websites in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Although many web sites do not inform about the content language, it probably isn't too complicated to detect since most use different characters, some of which are very specific to the language (i.e. اللغة العربية.) In regard to languages, you also have websites that will display many different languages within one screen. A good example for that is Twitter where you can listen to one person per country speaking their native language...

So by now you know that it is important to repeat your keywords, although as naturally as possible to not make it look like you are spamming. This is one of the most important point of SEO.

But what about links?

Google says that if a link to a website appears just once on a page, it is enough. Actually, if it appears more than once, it has no effect to the final results. In other words, it is not because you have 3 links from a page to another that you gain the vote from that website 3 times.

Keyword density mapWhat we do on Snap! Blogger Free websites is add a link in the footer back to our Snap! home page. This means we're getting more and more back links and even though there is only one such link on each page, it is enough to be counted as a vote for Snap! just the same as if we had 3 links on each of those pages2.

The only reason to have multiple links would be to give you a chance to use different keywords each time. Although I'm not so sure that it will really count that much, it looks like that is still taken in account. However, I would suggest that you look into sending the users to 3 different places on your Snap! Website which would probably be more productive since that way each one of those pages will benefit.

  • 1. Note that the density may be tweaked by what you are highlighting. So the word Snap! as is may count as 1. The word Snap! in bold may count as 1.3. Similarly, italic will change the behavior. Note that most search engines will consider a certain number of tags as bold or italic. The most advanced search engines check your CSS to make sure they know what they're looking at.
  • 2. There seems to be some discussions on whether the footer should be counted as useful content or not. At this point Google does take your footer in account. That may change in the future by discarding whatever is repeat on all pages as "header footer side-block" content that should only be counted once.