I should not put a link to my Snap! Blog on a "weird" website... Isn't it?

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Google just released a new update (May 2012) called Penguin which actually contradict the following. If too many links from websites considered bad do point to your website, then Google may degrade your page rank.

See my new post about this change here.

SPAM meat boxes with arrow pointing toward your Snap! Website...You may have heard from some people that a link pointing to your Snap! Blog when present on a spam website can affect your ranking in the wrong direction. Oops!

The idea is actually very simple, if you get a a link from a very high level website such as The BBC (Google Rank 9) or IBM (Google Rank 8) then you get highly accredited for it. A link on a website that does not even have a rank1, on the other hand, does not give you much credit if at all.

Up to here, I would think that such things are obvious. A link is like a democratic vote cast by the link owner for your site.

Now, say someone creates a website and does not watch out for spam and leaves all the comments open for anyone to post anything at anytime. Within a few months (at most, it could be a matter of days...) hackers find out that they can upload comments with their spam messages (you know, about Viagra, the latest XXX movie, this cheap iPhone, how to make millions within 30 days, etc.) That website is definitively going to be marked as a spam website. The whole site! And for the site to recover, that is, not someone to delete all the spam, but for its rank to go positive again, it will take at least 3 months, often 6, at times a whole year!

So... let's face it: this is a good system. It penalizes websites that no one would want to visit anyway and it rewards Snap! Websites that have valuable links pointing to them.

Alright, but what if that crappy website covered with all of that spam has a link that goes to YOUR Snap! Website? Wouldn't that hurt your ranking?

The answer is pretty straight forward:

  • If you have ONE link on any one of those websites, then you're just fine. It won't hurt you a bit.
  • If you have THOUSANDS of links from THOUSANDS of such websites pointing to your website, then you may start getting flagged. However, links from high leverage websites will still completely void this problem.

Why would Google do that?!2

A Shepherd on his Horse with his Dog in Montana.Simple, if a hacker was getting super really angry mad because last month you made $1M and he only made $80k, then what he could do is auto-generate loads of websites covered with spam and links pointing straight to your website. Yes. The result, if Google was taking those in account, would be your reputation going bye bye! Would that make any sense? No. Unless all those really good high ranking links you've also got were all going bust. But unless you just lost a thread and your website content was indeed sinking, there is really no reason for you to lose those links and thus your credibility.

So, in other words, the idea/concept that being linked on bad websites would generate a decreased ranking is just wrong. It has no effect (unless those links are the only ones going to you.)

Not only that, from what I understand, the power of a link pointing to your website is permanent. In other words, even if you lose that link, its effect will remain and thus your rank will not go back down.

So really, don't worry about getting links on the wrong websites as long as you do your job of getting good links as well. Actually, your link will appear on many directories without you ever knowing or ever being told that it is there! So it would really be dangerous for anyone to take such links in account.

Now, this being said, don't post of spam websites on purpose, it is really useless!

Side note: The website is now ranked under 1 million on Alexa. Thanks everyone!