Does First Place in Google always rime with Best for you?

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Magnifier over dictionary while reading Links and Link-up by Joe MabelYou may still be wondering why it is so important for your Snap! Website to be positioned at the top of the search engines...

In 2010, Google alone receives nearly 100 billions searches a month (about 50% of the world-wide searches.) Using the Google Webmaster tools, you can see how many of those searches correspond to your keywords. To give you an idea, for the keywords I'm working on, there were about 540 million searches in the last 30 days.

Believe it or not, among all our keywords is the word "Free" and it is the hardest to get among all our keywords—in other words, the word "Free" ain't free! By itself it represents 414 million searches or 77% of the searches we're targeting! However, some combinations are still available, such as:

free web hosting no banner1

Of the over half a billion searches that interest us, we not are (yet) appearing on the first page of most of those searches. What does that mean? Statistics show that 95% of the users will click on the first page results and never click to go to the second page. Of the other 5%, about 2.8% click a link on the second page. The rest, about 2.2%, happens on any other page (Oh! Yeah! Most often searches return more than 2 pages and you can actually visit those extra pages... )

So... if you have important keywords representing about 0.5 billion searches and you appear on the 2nd or 3rd page, you should get about 10 million people who see your link. Not very many and they are not likely to click on your link... plus it's really hard to appear on the second page!

On the other hand, if you appear on the first page (like us with Snap Websites and Snap SEO) then you get 475 million people who get a chance to see your website. Huge difference! Much greater chance to get an organic clicks. Similar percentages apply to the results on the first page as applies between pages. The first 5 results are clicked more often than the last 5 results. And the very first grabs a good 90% of the traffic, although many will search the net and click on multiple links, that's relatively rare (even if you do it all the time, most people just don't.)

Fatzael Springs and Water Systems by HanayAlright... So now that you are on the first page, you'd like to move up to the very top. This is generally a good idea. Why generally? Well... The fact is that when you are first you get LOADS of traffic and that may not be as good for your website if the very large majority bounce of within seconds (too much traffic can results in all sorts of problems such as DoS, bandwidth limits, slow server, etc.) Now if your link is not the very first, it is likely that the people who click the link are a lot more serious about what they are searching and if that's what you're offering, they'll buy from you. It would be better for you to receive 1,000 very well targeted buyers rather than 1 million random users, out of which you may not even have 1,000 buyers. Generally, when you get a very large number of well targeted hits, you get a rate of 0.5% in sales. So 1 million random people, you may get as little as 1,000 interested and much less that would actually move forward on your offer.

What other problems with a large number of untargeted people visiting your website generate? Although it could very well make you feel like you do everything wrong since you do not get the results you want, it will especially complicate your search in what works and what doesn't since so many people do not care either way... (i.e. you could have 20 different banners, 20 different landing pages, etc. and it would still not generate sales.) In general, it is simply not as easy to deal with a large influx of traffic if you want to capture the attention of each individual. Large companies, such as Coca-Cola or Microsoft, have to deal with such problems... but their products tend to appeal many more customers.

So... good plan to target the first page, as for the very first position, you probably can wait a bit... This is my take. What's yours?

Search Engine traffic is like clear water from a spring, it flows freely.

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