Do you have a Bio on your Snap! blog?

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Unidentified people... by J. DelanoyEvery now and then I bump into something that reminds me of things to do on your blog... One of those things is to create a page that talks about you: Your Bio. It may be including with your account or found on a separate page.

Today, I finally entered my blog bio on Snap! Many of you already know me via Facebook and other Social Media networks so you probably don't need to read my bio on Snap! Websites, but others may be interested.

Different people think differently and each person will write there bio in a completely different way. There is no strict rule about that!

I would suggest that you write just one or two brief paragraphs that describe you in big lines (your accomplishments so far, what you like most, your hobbies...)

Then, if you feel like it, extend your work using a new chapter. A chapter starts with a large title and separates the brief paragraphs at the top and the complete story of your life. Some people do that because they feel the need. Others actually include some form of a sales pitch in their bio asking you to register for their newsletter, Facebook page or RSS feed. I think that's not a good place for a pitch, but if it works for you, you own your site!

Snap! offers many ways to include your bio. There are a few:

  • Your account, easy place to find when you are writing a blog since the system adds links to your account
  • A Block, you can create a block and write your bio in it, then you can place the block over, under or on the side of your content.
  • A Page, a completely separate page, then you can add a link in a menu or in a block to send people to the page.

Here I chose my account. On my company's website, Made to Order Software, I put it on a separate page with other press kit items. And on Squidoo, you can write a bio that appears at the top right as often done on Blogger and other blog systems.

Did you put your Bio on your website?