Do you blog? Communities, Business, Press Releases...

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Today I have a simple question for you: Do you blog? (Whether it is with Snap! Blogger or some other system)

To extend the question a little bit, I'm actually wondering, why do you blog? How to you device your posts? Do you expect something from your posts or are you just talking about what's happening in your life? (don't hesitate to click Add Comment below to let me and the others know!)

Blog Communities

For many people writing a blog is just an enjoyable activity that they do on the side.

Actually you should not write a blog on a subject that you don't like (even if you're paid to do it! That would just be a wrong.) You'll get burned out and you probably will feel like blogging isn't for you.

Either way, I still think that you should look into getting traffic to your blog (and joining communities is probably the best way at the start,) just because that way you get the fulfillment of being read.

If you are a total beginner, I suggest that the idea of monetizing your Snap! Blog be kept secondary. That way you can better concentrate on your content. Of course, you can still continue to learn everything about SEO on the side. But that way you will learn what it really takes to write a blog and thus know whether this is really something for you. Do it for a few weeks and see if whether you put it away all the time, or you go to your blog just because you have to write on it!

By the way, if you write a lot of Facebook, you're a blogger. You could write that content on your bCalifornian butterfly eating pollen.log instead and have the whole world see it instead of just your friends and friends of friends. Remember that even when written on your blog, your content can be shared with your friends on Facebook!

My Snap! Blog

As you may have noticed by now, my Snap! Blog is about creating a blog that goes somewhere fast! It is also about Snap! in general, such as features available in Snap! and how to use existing capabilities to get additional punch.

Many companies have a blog to talk about their product and services (See Twitter Blog), large companies such as Facebook and Google have many staff paid to write blogs or vlogs1 Bulletins are becoming quite common all over the place. Why not get yours?

Note about yet another type of blog...

Note that some Internet Marketers use blogs to create sales machines (as part of their pipeline.) Those are generally called Flog (as in Fake Log.) This post is not about such blogs... This marketing technique is most often viewed as bad, although many people are still using it with success (if you're just in sales...) Know what a landing page is? A Flog is similar to a landing page, it just happens to looking like a blog and can lure people in thinking that they will get content when they sign-up on the flog. Instead they get in an auto-responder.

  • 1. Vlogs are video logs, just like Blogs are bulletin (written) logs. I worked at Serious Magic that created Visual Communicator that one could use to create a Vlog.