Did you know that Twitter had limits?

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Twitter is one of the very few Social Media places that authorizes you to have as many accounts as you want. This makes sense since you are just tweeting with those... and it is great since that way you can use one account with advanced topics in a field and another account with broader, more approachable content.

Yet Twitter has Limits!

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When you are using Twitter by yourself (as a human being) you are not very likely to bump in any one of those limits. They are quite large. Yet, when using automatic systems, you can quickly reach them and I'd bet that if you too often bump into said limits, your account will be blocked or worse shutdown and all that work put to waste.

As far as I can tell, Twitter has rules in an attempt to avoid too much spam only accounts. If you look at it closely, there aren't that many accounts just talking about Viagra and other enhancers. They would not be very useful accounts since they would tweet useless information all day long (well... if there is nothing on TV! )

So, now the limits to know about1:

  • You can add up to 500 connections per day
  • You can tweet a maximum of 1,000 messages a day
  • You are allowed to follow up to 2,000 people after which you need followers to continue to grow
  • Between 2,000 and 5,000 you cannot grow the number of people you follow by more than 10% of the number of followers you have, so if you have 3,000 followers, you will be able to get up to 3,300 followings
Many ducks in a murky pond...
Okay so... who's following who now?!

Daily Connection Limit

Five hundred connections is quite a bit! If you can click that fast to grow your following list, that's quite impressive... Now there are tools that will automatically generate long lists of followings. I tried one and in about 5 minutes I was following 100 people. Interesting concept! I had to remove just a few people who were... on the edge. I do not recommend any such tool unless you can clearly target the audience. It is otherwise fairly useless except maybe to get you started.

Daily Message Limit

One thousand tweets... How many people are going to unfollow you if you post 1,000 tweets a day?!

Frankly, I would never have imagined that possible if it wasn't for someone's story about his daughter who in the course of one month sent over 16,000 text messages. These were private messages with her boyfriend (mainly) and yes... each message did cost money! So I guess that if we take 16,000 / 30 = 533 messages a day on average. She did not beat the Twitter limit... but still!

Following Limit

There is a limit to the number of people who you can follow. Once you reach two thousand people in your list, it blocks you requests until you get more followers.

Note: An account with many more followings than followers is called a peep account. Not like the person reads all the tweets anyway... (2,000 people x 1,000 tweets that's 2 million tweets a day, right?)

Once you reached the limit of 2,000 you will be allowed to get 10% more followings than followers. Note that once you reach 5,000, you are still limited to 500 follows a day or 182,500 a year.

Other Limits?

In the course of using twitter, beside twitter outages, did you bump in any other limit yourself?

  • 1. An important note about those limits... They apply as of Oct 2010. In other words, they may change at any time and it is probably likely to shrink rather than the opposite!