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I'm probably not the top expert in Internet Marketing, nor at Branding. But I do very well understand both concepts. The masses do not (they get trapped by it!)

My first example at branding is the following Google Search:

Notice that I did not put the quotes as in "alexis wilke". Thus, this search returns all the Alexis Wilke in the world and any approximation of the terms. Right? Not really. The first page is 100% about me. Actually, the first 80 or so websites1 returned are a reference ...

  • 1. Should be more today, I checked about a year ago...
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(Twitter is over capacity)In the last few days, I got the "Twitter is Over Capacity" message probably 5 times. If you are a heavy user of the service, you probably got it too. It has been going for about 2 weeks now.

I'm sorry for the company, but I can understand that, technically, it is quite a challenge to make such a network run smoothly 24/71.

This post is an attempt to show non-technical people what we do, silly billies like me, to allow millions of people to use one single Internet service such as Twitter, all at the same time. The concept is similar for all web based systems: Google, Facebook, Snap! Websites, etc.

  • 1. When you know that millions of tweets are sent by robots on standalone accounts, it is annoying, because a lot of the Twitter capacity is used for no reason whatsoever... Most people do not follow robots. They repeat themselves quite a bit and they don't have conversation.