Snap! Websites will show your most popular, related and recent posts

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If you've been on my blog before, you may have noticed a changed since Friday.

I wanted to do it sooner, but as usual, something else has been popping up here and there.

Snap! SEO has the capability to show your readers all sorts of blocks.

The three I added last week are as follow:

Most Popular Posts

The system automatically registers the number of times users read a given post. It can thus display which of your posts were the most viewed. On Snap! Websites, I show you the top 3 posts at the bottom of the page. Clicking on those links will only increase their counter and make them even more likely to stay at the top forever! If it is good content, there should be no reason why you would not want to keep them that way.

This is a very good idea because the readers are those people who choose what is good and what is not so good to read on a website. So telling visitors what others liked most is always a good idea (I think.) As time passes, we may also want to remove very old posts to (1) give a chance to newer posts to appear in the list and (2) to actualize the list.

Related Posts

This is definitively the best Snap! SEO trick to add to your website (especially a website where you have a blog or news.) Why? Because someone who reads about say... an SEO trick on one of your pages, will want to read another page with another SEO trick. By matching pages and showing related posts, you entitle your users to easily find other similar pages!

Whenever you write a new post, you'll enter a given set of what is called tags1. These tags are used to categorize your post so people can find it using a category index. Snap! also offers a feature that will automatically select words from within your post to generate that list of tags.

Now, using that list of tags the Snap! Website software can match the current page with all the other pages that also use those tags. This is automatic! Then what you do is display the block with the latest few pages that match the current page (except the current page.)

Recent Posts

This is a list of the last few posts made on the website. This can be shown on your home page (especially if your home page is not your Blog) to entice people to read your posts (think of your most recent news and most recent blog posts.)

We offer a parameter that you can use to select which list to display. Thus, you can show your blog or your news or anything you do on your Snap! Website.

More Lists

The truth is that we can add any number of similar lists  to your Snap! Websites. So if you have an idea of a list that would be useful to your website, let us know and we'll do our best to make it available quickly.

  • 1. Internally, your words or small sentences are called terms. I'll come back on that one as there are many different ways to categorize your posts with a Snap! Website.