The power of a page rank of 8 for your Snap! Website

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Number 1Last week I talked about Squidoo.

This week, I searched for Snap Free Hosting on Google and sure enough, my page appears first. Whether this is good, who knows... (some say that's not the most important part of getting sales! We'll have to touch that important subject soon!) Of course, at some point it will get there for Free Hosting by itself, I'm sure. I still think that's a pretty good position in about 1 week's time. Of course, that Squidoo page links to this Snap! Website. This is definitively what I call Snap! SEO.

Why would that one Squidoo page appear first on Google Search, with such broad search terms when it did not even exist two weeks ago? There are two main reasons:

  1. I optimized the page to include all those keywords in higher than normal density—just like you want to do with your own Squidoo Lens and your Snap! Website blog, newsletter and other pages1.
  1. The front page of many big websites have a rank of 8 or more.

Bout du monde by GnomefilliereNote that this is true of all the websites that have a high rank and offer Do-Follow links2 are prime. The following websites can be used for that purpose:

All those websites will accept your links and will not add the dreadful no-follow. I will soon have a surprise for you in that regard. Stay tuned!

I also suggest .edu websites for most of them also have a really high rank and thus posting on those will give you a quite good external link.

  • 1. No, I'm not saying that you should make your legal page so good in regard to SEO purposes, some pages ought to be of lesser value. Actually, Made to Order Software has such a good legal page that it received about 50 hits a month for quite some time... But it was really useless traffic as you can imagine! Actually, feel free to mark your legal and similar pages as "NOINDEX" since people who end up on those are probably looking for an Attorney or a School, not your website.
  • 2. Links that are not marked as no-follow are considered do-follow.