Internet Marketing includes Branding with your Snap! Website

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I'm probably not the top expert in Internet Marketing, nor at Branding. But I do very well understand both concepts. The masses do not (they get trapped by it!)

My first example at branding is the following Google Search:

Notice that I did not put the quotes as in "alexis wilke". Thus, this search returns all the Alexis Wilke in the world and any approximation of the terms. Right? Not really. The first page is 100% about me. Actually, the first 80 or so websites1 returned are a reference about me. The very Alexis Wilke you are reading about right now. There are thousands of Alexis Wilke in the world, but according to Google, I'm the only one who uses the Internet seriously. And that's nearly good enough for me.

You could do the same search about Lady Gaga. Chances are, this page will not come up just because I mentioned her name here2. However, Google will return a long list of pages just and only about her. Her name is her brand.

This is what is called branding. If you believe in a brand, say Coca Cola, Apple, or Nike, then you believe in branding. The exact same principal applies to you and your products or services online. Note that there is no difference between online and offline branding. Only the means to reach people and create awareness are different.

When you search about me, you find Made to Order Software Corporation. That's my company and Google is aware of that (or more precisely, their computer algorithms.) And slowly but surely, Snap! and the different other names we are using for this new product are climbing the ladder.

This requires several things. One is patience. It does not happen overnight. Not even if you have tons of money. Although you can definitively increase the speed and broadness of your reach with financial help, the same end result can definitively be reached by posting about your products and services on your blog. It may just take 6 months instead of 3 weeks, but you'll save $10 million in the process.

Why is branding important? The one most important thing in sales is trust. If you go to a website and all you can see is a spiel about that wonderful products that's only $2,000... you're going to rush to your credit card and buy it, right? There you go... Not really. Now, if you find a blog along the product and can find all sorts of references to the product, people posting comments (I've got to work on that one!) and maybe a forum or at least several ways to contact the company, your trust is already way higher. You will feel more confident moving forward when you know that there is someone real behind the product. Someone who will be there to support it, replace it if it breaks, etc.

Remember, however, that you want to sell your products and services using several forms of marketing. Branding is just one of those forms. I will talk to you about others throughout my blog.

Now tell me what is you brand? Do you have a special name or product with a special name that Google presents on the 1st page? What is it? Let me know by posting a comment below!

  • 1. Should be more today, I checked about a year ago...
  • 2. Don't get me wrong, it will be in the list, somewhere and I have a story about Lady Gaga. A Californian insurance company used a press release about the health of Lady Gaga with which they got a lot of hits on their website: a few million hits in a day is all good for such a company.