Importance of posting your Snap! Website in a directory.

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The Internet is littered with thousands of directories and yet there still people who create new ones... like me here on Snap! Websites. Well... I like the idea of a central repository of directories that I could use and thought that it would be nice to share them with you.

So... I talked about SEO quite a few times and you know that it is very important for your website. The one main reason that your Snap! Website Google Rank grows is because of what is called Back Links. Back Links are standard links1. Technically, there is nothing special about the link itself except that it is found on someone else website.

Google and the other search engines count the number of back links you have and use a table to determine your rank based on that number of links. However, all Back Links are not equal. If you get a very large number of links to a page (about 17 million) then that page's rank will be set to 10. I can already tell you that there isn't very many companies that have that many links pointing to a single one of their page, even blue chip companies.

To increase your rank faster, what you want to do are the following:

  • Include your back links on higher ranking web pages
  • Try to get links without the "nofollow" relative attribute2
  • Try to get links from .edu and .gov websites (or equivalent in your country)

With directories, it is generally pretty easy to get the link, however, in most cases it does not increase your rank much since the pages on which you appear are not ranked well if at all. Again, it will depend on the directory. DMOZ is an excellent exception. Any site that appears on DMOZ will immediately increase its rank.

  • 1. A standard link is defined in HTML code with the Anchor tag. For instance, to link to the Snap! Websites home page, the HTML code looks like this: <a href="">Snap! Websites</a>
  • 2. All back links are good links, don't get upset if you get many "nofollow" it has become a custom to mark links that way, especially in blog and forum comments.