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My personal comment: We live in a crazy world!

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Not that long ago, I would have been telling you that Facebook is not for me. Well... I now have over 3,600 friends on Facebook (and I probably already had over 100 people de-friend me...)

So? What are Social Media websites for? Primarily, it is to make friends. You talk with people, share your adventures of the day1, and as most people do, mention your likes and dislikes (and also for super extraverts: share you moods!)

If you're brand new to Facebook, know that (1) you are not supposed to have more than one account, and especially (2) you are not supposed to use a false identity. That means your personal account is expected to be a person's name and not a business name2. If you use your business name, you take the risk of being deleted by Facebook staff. They may even take further actions such as blocking you (although I'm not too sure how they could really do that...)

Now that you know the basics, feel free to create a Facebook account if you don't already have one, and yes, when you click on my badge it takes you to my profile and you are authorized to add me as a friend3.

What's really powerful with Snap! Websites is that you can promote your Facebook profile, allow people to like your blog posts and present your Facebook Page on the side without having to copy and paste HTML code. For instance, to show your Facebook Page on your Snap! Blogger Lite website, you just enter the page number in a box. Voilà!!! Now it appears on all your blog pages.

What will that do for you? Get more connections, especially if you have a lot of traffic coming to your website that is not already a fan of your product or service page. And if you have 1,000's of fans, new comers will be much more confident that you have a real product that's a good product that they could use for their own benefits.

Is that it? Yes. Pretty much. You can talk about anything you want with your friends. Know that sales people will just sell anyone on Facebook. They call it Internet Direct Selling. My personal belief is that doing it too much will make many of your friends shut you down. Once in a while you get excited and send many messages, but it should remain somewhat limited if you want people to continuously listen to you.

To create interaction, because that's what generates more visibility and better/strong connections, you want to ask questions to your friends. And make sure you reply quickly so the interaction moves forward. When you setup your account, you want to make sure you get emails whenever someone answers one of your posts. That way, you can react quickly.

One last thing I want to mention: companies talk about branding. Your Facebook account can be used for that purpose. You talk about your products and services and let people know about them. That's called branding. What you want to do is let them know what your products and services are for. You do not tell them to buy it right now right there... That's selling and that's not what people want to hear. Think about it this way:

1) You get a blog to talk about your service

2) Each time you post a new entry, you explain one benefit of your service

3) You have a Ping.fm account to broadcast your posts to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn accounts...

If you have 10 connections, chances are not too many will see your posts. Now imagine you have 20,000 connections... Yes. Some people will see it. If they like your post and can easily tweet it or Like it, it will be broadcast to their own friends. And so on and so forth. This is what is called the viral effect of social media.

Have you already experience such things with your Facebook account?

  • 1. And if you feel like, your minute to minute life with a Twitter account!
  • 2. If you have a business, you want to create your personal account and then a business page. Remember that business pages are listed in the Facebook directory!
  • 3. I will ignore you if your profile name is a business name. I'd rather connect with people you see...