A website for Snap!

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First, welcome to my (Small Snap! Logo) Snap! Websites Blog.

Last Monday, August 16, 2010, Made to Order Software launched our new system called (Small Snap! Logo) Snap!

This website is the logical continuation for (Small Snap! Logo) Snap!, a place just and only for our new baby product. Although we already have many pages about (Small Snap! Logo) Snap! on our corporate website, I thought it would be a lot easier if they all were on this website instead since there are so many other things on the corporate website...

I will write about what you need to quickly get started with your (Small Snap! Logo) Snap! website and start posting on your own blog. I will add videos, help pages, FAQs and a lot more blog posts.

One important thing I want to mentioned about (Small Snap! Logo) Snap!: it comes with an affiliate program. Once you have your own (Small Snap! Logo) Snap! website, you are automatically enrolled. This means you get all the advantages of the technology and on top you get paid 10% of the income generated by all the affiliates you and your downline enrolls.

This blog will be all about (Small Snap! Logo) Snap! and the technology we use to make it all work.