How can I remember to properly write my Snap! Website Blog posts every time?

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One of the main reason for writing a blog is to attract readership. Otherwise you could as well be doing some exercise or have a beer watching your favorite TV show.

The readership is especially useful if you have a message to promote (political, social, business, health...) For instance, I quite often mention my Snap! Websites system, obviously since I'm writing about it! Yet, even though it is toward promoting Snap!, you can get a lot of valuable information from my posts, and, of course, I expect you to remember the name Snap!...

Good. Now... How can I remember all the important things to write a post?

Post-It sample, original photo by Nevit Dilmen.If you think about it, you can write the information you need to write in your blog on a Post-it. What will happen to that post-it? You'd want to add some more hints once in a while, remove that one and maybe have a link to a page to help you with this or that. The Post-it needs to be replaced once in a while. And I'll assume you don't have kids who need to test whether it still is sticky. Nor will I talk about the other 100 Post-its...

Do I have a better solution for you?

Yes! The Blog Tips block.

Snap! Websites have a feature called Block. A block is just the same as a post, although usually much shorter. They can include text, images, HTML code1, etc. and they can be shown on all or a chosen set of pages on your website.

For instance, I use a block to show a footer with the name and contact information of Snap! Websites. Menus use a block to be presented to the users. The Facebook Like Box is a block. Recent Posts, Recent Comments and Similar Posts are blocks...

I put an example of our Blog Tips block on the side of this post2. Notice that usually you see the Facebook Snap! page on the side. Here I hid it since I wanted to make sure you'd see the Blog Tips. The Snap! Websites can be used to hide and show blocks as directed based on a path or the type of page you create (i.e. a journal entry, a primary page, a story, a product, a service, etc.)

The block is just text so you can edit it at any time and tweak it more to your taste (i.e. fix the order, change the wording, add a link, delete something that does not apply, etc.) In other words, it can evolve as you learn more and more how to write your blog posts.

Give it a try, get your Incredible Website today and see it in action.

  • 1. I created a special version called HTML Block, quite useful to include an affiliate banner and alike.
  • 2. Our default Blog Tips block is more complete and includes a link to the block for easy editing. Also, the real Blog Tips block is not visible by users who cannot post content on your website.