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One of the main reason for writing a blog is to attract readership. Otherwise you could as well be doing some exercise or have a beer watching your favorite TV show.

The readership is especially useful if you have a message to promote (political, social, business, health...) For instance, I quite often mention my Snap! Websites system, obviously since I'm writing about it! Yet, even though it is toward promoting Snap!, you can get a lot of valuable information from my posts, and, of course, I expect you to remember the name Snap!...

Good. Now... How can I remember all the important things to write a post?

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Last week I talked about RSS feeds, explaining how that Internet technology works and the main purpose for you to broadcast your RSS feed information.

Here I will talk about another aspect of your RSS feed to strengthen your SEO1. Remember that all Snap! Websites generate an RSS feed, even the free trial.

When you write an article, you should include one or two links in your teaser (the teaser is the part that gets broadcast via your RSS feed for people to read... or rather, to tease people in clicking on your RSS links and get them to read your blog on and on and on...)

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Quite often, when I talk to people, they have no clue of what RSS is, how it works and what good it can do for them. Put simply:

RSS is a technology used by website owners to stay in touch with their audience

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. This Internet technology creates syndicated content from your posts that many in your audience can follow using tools such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer.

Try clicking on this icon: (Feed Icon)

So? How does it work?

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Categories: Devices Technology

I have been working with computers since 1980 and in the last 30 years I have seen an incredible evolution and it is still moving forward, quickly.

Computers use several technologies to save your data. I will be talking about the main four that people use today: ROM1, RAM, Hard Drives, and Flash Drives.

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Not that long ago, I would have been telling you that Facebook is not for me. Well... I now have over 3,600 friends on Facebook (and I probably already had over 100 people de-friend me...)

So? What are Social Media websites for? Primarily, it is to make friends. You talk with people, share your adventures of the day, and as most people do, mention your likes and dislikes (and also for super extraverts: share you moods!)

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First, welcome to my (Small Snap! Logo) Snap! Websites Blog.

Last Monday, August 16, 2010, Made to Order Software launched our new system called (Small Snap! Logo) Snap!

This website is the logical continuation for (Small Snap! Logo) Snap!, a place just and only for our new baby product. Although we already have many pages about (Small Snap! Logo) Snap! on our corporate website, I thought it would be a lot easier if they all were on this website instead since there are so many other things on the corporate website...