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Snap! Websites Features

Connect from Anywhere

Snap! Websites work with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari from anywhere in the world. You can update your website while traveling, all you need is an Internet connection.

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Daily Backup

MO Backup LogoSnap! Websites come with an automatic daily backup. In case something goes wrong, we will restore your website to some working point back in time.

Powered by MO Backup™

Easy to use Toolbar

Snap! comes with an easy to use toolbar: large icons, items grouped by tabs, buttons to move or hide the bar. Direct access to all the features used on a day to day basis, very quickly.

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Infinite RSS feeds

Snap! Websites are set up to handle RSS feeds based on different parameters. You always get one RSS for your entire website and one specific to your blog. You can also get one RSS specific to each category tag!

Tips for Perfect SEO

Your Busy Post-it BoardSnap! website includes a set of tips to help you remember what is important in each post. You can freely update those tips as you go. Example:

  • Keywords in Title
  • Link in Teaser
  • Enter META Tags